If you are looking to redesign your living room on a budget or if you would like to quickly revamp your living for last minute guests or if your simply just fed up looking at your current surroundings and want to freshen up the look! Read on for some simple design tips that can help transform your room in just a few hours.


Sounds simple enough but reconfiguring your living room layout can make it look and feel completely different. This might not mean moving your soda from its prime tv location but try rearranging side tables or move armchairs to create a cosy reading corner.

Working with a small living room can be tricky! As you may be more limited to where you can move your furniture but try bringing the furniture away slightly from the walls to give more breathing space. You may be surprised by how much this can open up a small space.



Cushions are the most versatile of soft furnishings. A really simple way to completely change a room, even if all you have done is add a few new scatter cushions to your collection. Its great to use a variety of cushions of all shapes, sizes, colours and textures! This will help to give a lift to your living room.  

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Adding a gallery wall is a great way to cheaply fill a blank space and add more personality to your room. Use a variety of sizes and shapes. Photographs, record covers, prints, quotes – you could even frame spare bits of wallpaper!

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We all love plants! These are a really simple way to add extra colour, shape, texture to a living room. Plants also promote good health and a positive environment. Purchase a couple of larger plants to dot around the edges of your room and add smaller plants to shelves and mantlepieces.


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Upcycling is very on trend at the moment, not only is it environmentally friendly it is a simple and cost effective way to give furniture a new lease of life! Have a look around your house and find the pieces that are looking a bit worse for wear. A paintbrush and a positive mindset can accomplish anything! There are some great tips and tricks on the internet on how to paint furniture.

If you don’t feel up to trying your hand at painting then why not try giving your sofa a new look instead by draping a throw over it.



Good Luck & Remember to have fun!

Sarah x


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