We are excited to announce that here at Athena Interiors, we have an in-house upholstery service to supply all of your upholstery needs. They are able to design bespoke or alternatively cover existing furniture. This is the perfect and sustainable way to give your old pieces a new lease of life. Below is one of our favourite examples of an old chair re-upholstered by our team. We have a wide fabric range to chose from, and there is certainly something for everyone.


                            chair               chair after                   chair 2

                               Before                                                             After       


What is an upholstery service?

An upholstery service is the covering of an existing or new piece of furniture in a fabric of your choice. This could be anything from chairs, cushions, sofas, headboards, ottomans and more!

Our fabrics come with Flame Resistant (FR) ratings; this is fabric that has been treated to give it its flame-resistant properties. This ensures that residential furniture complies with today‚Äôs fire regulations. For commercial projects Crib 5 fabric, otherwise known as 'Ignition Source 5', this refers to material's which have been tested to pass UK Fire Regulations. A Crib 5 material does not mean that it is entirely fireproof, but massively reduces the risk of ignition and could therefore potentially save lives.

Here at Athena, we also provide a collection and delivery service. If you are interested in re vamping any of your furniture with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch!