Well the holidays are officially over and that means we’re in the middle of boring-cold-winter now. Does the house feel a bit cold and stale after all the Christmas decor came down? 

I LOVE the feeling of a clean, de-cluttered house, but on the other hand it feels a bit 'naked' without all the holiday decor!

The challenge is to figure out how to bring that cosy feeling back to each room so it’s not so dull and dreary. I know lots of you are probably in that same place right now, so I thought it would be fun to share how to make any space cosy.

These cosy essentials will work year round too–they’re sure to bring any room to life!




Try a change of layout - Rearrange the furniture

Perhaps you rearranged the furniture for the Christmas tree – try putting a different piece of furniture back in that location.

photo 3





Lamps, Lamps and more Lamps - the warm glow of a lamp in the evening is just perfect throughout the winter!

photo 2




Add plants + greenery. Alllll the greenery. Real or faux, either will work.

photo 4




Get chunky blankets & lots of throw pillows. Trust me. They make all the difference.

photo 1




Add fresh artwork. Try sprucing up your walls some new artwork– Travel & Map prints are my favourite! (Looking forward to those warmer month!)

photo 9




Candles. Lots of candles.

photo 6




Don’t forget texture! Wicker baskets and old books are my favourite.

photo 8