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Notebook - Teenager

Notebook - Teenager

Sales price: £6.50

Oyster Cushion

Pearl beaded 40 x 40 cushion

Sales price: £39.00

Pastel Pink Bouquet

Faux Flowers - Pastel Pink Roses

Sales price: £12.00

Patterned Wooden Drawers

Patterned Wooden Drawers

Sales price: £35.00

Pebble couple framed picture

Pebble art featuring an image of a couple

Sales price: £25.00
Sales price: £20.00

Pink rose branch

Delicate rose branch stem

Sales price: £11.00

Pure Soy fragrance melts - Pure cotton

Pure soy burner melts Pure cotton

Sales price: £2.95

Red glass vase

Red glass slim neck vase

Sales price: £8.00

Red lily stem

Red faux lily stem

Sales price: £12.00

Rose Bouquet

White rose bouquet

Sales price: £12.00

Silver heart candle holder

Silver love heart candle holder

Sales price: £26.00

Succulent plants in decorative orange pot

Striped orange pot with faux succulent plants

Sales price: £15.00

Succulent plants in striped pot

Gorgeous faux succulents in a striped pot

Sales price: £15.00

Tall handmade glass tree

Handmade glass tree with T-light in stand

Sales price: £45.00

The 'Sunset' Throw

Vibrant, Contemporary Aztec pattern throw

Sales price: £49.00

The Golden Bee

45 x 45 Metallic Bee Cushion in Gold

Sales price: £35.00

Those we Love metal sign

Forever dear mini metal sign

Sales price: £2.80

Wax melt / oil burner - Family

Family delicate wax melt / oil burner

Sales price: £11.95

Wax melt / oil burner - love

Love - decorative wax melt / oil burner

Sales price: £11.95

White felted Lampshade

Felted white handmade lampshade

Sales price: £55.00

White orchid stem

White Orchid flower stem

Sales price: £11.00

Yellow table mat

Yellow table mat with bobble edging

Sales price: £8.00

Zig zag pot Small

Black and white stone wear pot small

Sales price: £16.00
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